This section will cover some aspects of game development I have undertaken, both professionally and as a hobbyist. All my contributions are mostly visual, aside from my own game I'm making with a friend, where I have been using the coding and designing tools as well. Though generally, I have a working understanding of how game development software works and the processes involved.
The Sonic 2 HD project is a fan project made in the participant's spare time, and has been going for a decade. I came in quite recently, about 4 years ago, and have contributed various small animations so far, including the below.
Dog Plant
This is a small game myself and my coding friend made for a game jam, which is a short intense 48-hour project.

You can play Dog Plant here:

No Internet
This was another small game we made for a game jam, this time for a cash prize. Our game came in the top 10 games out of nearly 500 games.
You can play No Internet here:
Attack on Starlight
This is the main game myself and my coding friend Jerry are currently working on.
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