Hi there!

Dan 1 small

My name’s Dan, and I’m a Norwich-based 2D animator, Dad and video game enthusiast.

I graduated from Norwich School of Art & Design (Now NUA) in Graphics and Animation with first class honours in 2010. My work consists of designing, storyboarding, creating animatics, character design, logo design, and animation.

And lots of drinking tea.

Here’s my CV, current as of January 2019, if you’re in a hurry:

dan root cv jan 2019

Below is my animation showreel

hobbies and interests

I’m a big video game enthusiast and have a particular keenness toward retro gaming, and I feel growing up with video games has affected my style of illustration and design.

My interest in both animation and video games has given me the inspiration to run a YouTube channel in my spare time, studying the animation in video games. This gives me an opportunity to flex and test my editing skills, script writing and voice recording skills.

I enjoy watching all sorts of animation with my two daughters and my partner, and we all enjoy gaming together, such as family friendly classics like the Mario series of games.

A friend of mine and myself are producing a game in our spare time, too. The top  example was an attempt of mine to create a platform video game using Adobe Flash. The bottom two examples is the video game I’m currently working on, an arcade space shooter.

dan root video game spectrum smash



It’s a desire of mine to always take on new, interesting skills and enhance existing ones.  This pursuit means I have to think not only about what I want to create, but how users will experience my product and how I can communicate my idea to them.

I have a good work ethic and can work in all the ways necessary to the animation industry, such as getting on by myself and communicating with the rest of a team to work on ideas and help feed my design work.

I’m quite a social person, enjoy making new friends and enjoy having a good laugh.

In the pursuit of furthering my animation skills in down time, below are a few examples of Dan Root’s procrastination, or ‘procrastanimation’

And below are a few examples of my other sorts of illustration.

Working with various studios and agencies has taught me the importance of being flexible with ideas and being able to amend a design according to committee changes or feedback.  This way of working has also shown me how well I work with someone else’s designs and putting them into motion.

Thanks for your time!



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