Hi there!

Dan 1 small

My name is Dan, and I’m a Norwich-based 2D animator.

I graduated from Norwich School of Art & Design (Now NUA) in Graphics and Animation with first class honours, and although my work is mostly animation based, much of the work I do will involve design, be it storyboard, character design, logo design, background design or asset design.

Here’s my CV, current as of September 2018, if you’re in a hurry:

Dan Root CV 2018

I work in a variety of styles, from motion graphics to character animation, using all the usual Adobe software like Photoshop and After Effects (in which I am particularly proficient), Illustrator, Flash and Premiere (or Final Cut), working with a Wacom tablet.

Below is my animation showreel

 I’m a big video game enthusiast and have a particular keenness toward retro gaming, and I feel growing up with video games has affected my style of illustration and design.

Below are some of my illustrations based on video games from classic consoles

dan root metroid

dan root norwich animation

dan root norwich animation video games

dan root video games

 I pushed this idea a little further and made motion graphic loops based on Sonic the Hedgehog stage themes, using Illustrator and After Effects.

dan root norwich animation dan root animation norwich animation norwich animation

An eventual pursuit of mine is to create my own video game with the intention of a console release, thanks to the increasingly available indie development resource, such as Sony’s PS4 and Nintendo’s Switch.

This has led me to enhance my own skills in varying areas, such as coding and design processes.  An initial process I went through saw the step-by-step learning of making a simple Flash platform game over the course of a week, a small excerpt which can be seen below.

dan root video game spectrum smash


Although my skills in coding and programming are somewhat limited at the moment, it’s a desire of mine to always take on new, interesting skills and enhance existing ones.  This pursuit means I have to think not only about what I want to create, but how users will experience my product and how I can communicate my idea to them.

Below is an image of the progression of the design of a couple of my characters.

dan root norwich animation

tornado games

In the pursuit of furthering my animation skills in down time, below are a few examples of Dan Root’s procrastination, or ‘procrastanimation’

And below are a few examples of my other sorts of illustration.

Working with various studios and agencies has taught me the importance of being flexible with ideas and being able to amend a design according to committee changes or feedback.  This way of working has also shown me how well I work with someone else’s designs and putting them into motion.

Thanks for your time!



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